Harvest Fresh and Gluten Free Recipe BookHARVEST FRESH AND GLUTEN FREE

Harvest Fresh and Gluten Free is filled with 60 gluten free recipes, predominantly focused around fresh ingredients, and affordable GF products. Not only are the recipes accessible for most people in terms of their ingredients, but also the skills and time needed to make them.

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Lydia’s Harvest Kitchen books should be in every cook’s kitchen. The menus are easy to follow and there’s no need for hours of preparation, making the hardest decision which recipe to cook for lunch, dinner or for entertaining with friends.Ben Nicholls - Director - Launceston Precision Jewellers

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Food is an essential element of our lives, and nearly everybody has some sort of opinion about what they should eat, whether they like cooking or not, and how important it is in their overall health. Harvest Kitchen’s philosophy is centred around building confidence, awareness and skills for everybody to feel able to prepare and cook the food they like or need, whatever the dietary focus.

Started in Launceston in July 2014, Harvest Kitchen is a culmination of years of me being a passionate cook, writer and generally mad creative person. Initially the focus was to provide premium cooking and dining experiences which showcased the freshest regional produce in simple and healthy combinations. However, after our first year, I found I was continually asked to use my creativity to collect my recipes together in a book for everyone to use. It grew from there, with our latest book on the drawing board (so to speak) being Harvest Fresh and Gluten Free.

My philosophy when recipe designing, taking photographs and writing blogs and books, is to build an awareness and love of the food we prepare and eat. My focus is to make dishes and meals less complicated and less time consuming to prepare, making them accessible to a wide range of skill levels and situations. Many of the dishes take inspiration from my travels, especially to France, Italy and the UK, and can be easily modified to suit individual tastes using ingredients that are available in your local area.

Special dietary focus recipes are thoughtfully put together to take into account using less expensive ingredients – there’s nothing worse than having ‘special’ items in your pantry that are used once and then gradually work their way to the back of the shelf, never to be used again. And our recipe instructions are easy to follow, enabling you to repeat the dishes again and again with confidence.